Slate Repair

Slate Roof Repair

Proper Slate Roof Repair

Over the years, we have found that more than half of the repairs we perform are actually to replace poor work done by others. Improper repair attempts such as face-nailed, tarred, or caulked slates, actually cause more damage and do not solve the problem. Don’t become the victim of ametaure slate roof repairs.

The Wright Roof Repair

We will send one of our Slate Roofing Experts to meet with you at a convenient time and let you know if you’re looking at a full roof replacement or a major or minor repair. You can take confidence in the fact that our highly trained slate roofing experts can actually tell the difference between them. We’ll always give you an explanation of your situation, provide a fully detailed estimate, answer all your questions, and let you know your options.

Call the experts at Paul Wright Roofing today and have your roof repaired the Wright Way!

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